Welcome to GetRadicalTruth.com! This website is designed to help you "navigate" God's word to follow His roadmap for your life. Whether you're trying to find the real "purpose" for your life, or maybe life has thrown you a "curve ball" and you are looking for help, or you simply desire a more blessed and abundant life in all you do, God's word can provide the answer and direct you. And when we follow His word, God promises to bless us.  Thanks for visiting!  Beatty Carmichael

Live, weekly teaching calls
Each week we do a live teaching call by phone to share what God's word says on various subjects relating to our personal lives.  Each call is approximately 30 minutes and we have a wonderful Questions and Answers session afterwards.  Join us to learn and be encouraged as you navigate your life.  There is no charge to participate.

When:  Thursdays, 9:00pm EST
Where:  www.SPWebinar.com
(or dial 218-237-3842  PIN: 100021)

  Topics to help you grow

Finding Purpose In Your Life
If you struggle with why you are here, or how to make sense of a void you feel in your life, you'll find comfort and encouragement in this section

Radical Faith
Learn how to apply God's word in your every day life to achieve total fulfillment and blessings from God.  This is a special training series by Beatty Carmichael.