Finding Purpose In Your Life

Achieving True Success 

Adolph Coors IV: as heir to one of the world's largest and most famous breweries, Adolph Coors IV had fame, wealth, prestige and power. Then a series of trials and tragedies took it all away. Hear Adolph share how through God's help his life was put back together into a life of peace and significance. If you struggle with issues that pull you down, this is a story you must hear

Live To the Limit 

Russell O'Quinn is an internationally known test pilot and at age 70 he was one of the oldest jet fighter test pilots in the world. Mr. O'Quinn has been featured in Life Magazine, has been a guest on the "Today Show" and other network programs, and has been featured in the television special "Skyfox." Listen to this amazing story of flight, achieving one's dreams, and ultimate fulfillment. Learn more at Mr. O'Quinn's website at

Overcoming Struggles 

Angel Meiss, a wife and mom, shares the struggles she's had in her life ... and how she has overcome them all through God's help. Angel lost her daughter to a drunk driver, her oldest son was addicted to drugs and alcohol and went through prison numerous times, she's been raped more than once, been physically and sexually abused, lived 20+ years with a verbally abusive husband ... and more. But God has helped her through it all, and He can help you, too.  Listen and learn how.