Radical Faith Teaching Series by Beatty Carmichael

Beatty Carmichael is a businessman who applies Biblical principles in the operation of his businesses.  Over the years the Lord has taught Beatty how to boldly act on God's word and achieve more for which the Lord has called him to do.  If you desire greater impact in your life, listen as Beatty shares practical steps to living a life of "radical faith."

Note sheets provided are in Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Lesson 1:  What is Faith (part 1) Note Sheet
Lesson 2:  What is Faith (part 2) Note Sheet
Lesson 3:  How to Know God Note Sheet
Lesson 4:  How to Strengthen Your Faith Note Sheet
Lesson 5:  Get Out of the Boat (part 1) Note Sheet
Lesson 6:  Get Out of the Boat (part 2) Note Sheet
Lesson 7:  Financial Stewardship - Tithe Note Sheet
Lesson 8:  Financial Stewardship - Offering Note Sheet
Lesson 9:  Conflict Between Faith & Sight Note Sheet
Lesson 10:  Being a Bond Servant of Christ Note Sheet
Lesson 11:  God's Timing vs Man's Timing Note Sheet

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